The 90-Day Challenge with Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins believes humans have 6 basic needs:

  1. Certainty - Feeling like you can trust someone to show up for you.
  2. Uncertainty - A desire for variety and surprise... too much certainty is boring.
  3. Significance - Feeling like your unique, important and desired.
  4. Love and Connection - Someone to trust and connect with on a deep personal level.
  5. Growth - Something that makes you better. If you don't grow, you don't feel alive.
  6. Contribution - You have to be adding value to something greater than yourself

I've never seen a couple who comes to me and says, "Oh man - my partner - I feel so loved by them! I feel absolutely certain that I'm the most important thing to them on earth. We have so much variety! He/she's always surprising me. We're growing and we're contributing together... you know what? I'm out of here!"

People who are totally fulfilled become your love slave.

If you live in a way that you don't understand what it takes to meet your partner's needs, they'll feel empty. You start to have separate lives even if you live together. The relationship breaks down.

Watch how Tony works with a man over 90 minutes (the clip is only 8 minutes long) to shift his perspective and get him committed to meeting his wife's needs for the next 90 days.

Will you take the 90-day challenge?