7 Days to Desire

Think desire just fades with time? Think again...


Have you been in a long-term relationship for years and you're not sure if you've ever experienced an orgasm? Maybe you find yourself in the throes of passion, chasing the pinnacle of pleasure only to have it slip through your fingers over and over again. "There it is, there it is... aaaaaaand I lost it."

Maybe you're a working mom with a kid or 5, and you're worried about cooking meals, cleaning the house, getting kids to school on time, making sure homework gets done, and you haven't had the bandwidth to even THINK about desiring your partner in weeks or even months...

Maybe you were raised in a family, religion or a culture that taught you "pleasure is bad," and you've lived your whole life avoiding your own body, beating back your your desires, and feeling guilty for enjoying any type of pleasure.

Or perhaps you recently had a baby, and now you're like, "Wait a second... something's different. Where did my libido go?"

Regardless of your story, at some point in your marriage your sex life will suffer and your desire for sex might completely disappear.

This makes you normal!

Your emotions, your body, and your circumstances are constantly changing... and sometimes your sex is the last thing on the to-do list - especially if it's not something that you enjoy.

Herein lies the danger! If you accept these slumps as "normal" and you don't get curious about why they're happening, or how bust out of them... you could be setting yourself up for a sexless, passionless marriage.

Sex is so important if you want an incredible relationship... and it can be fun, exciting, intriguing, playful, and pleasurable. And it all starts by learning how to cultivate desire!

What You'll Learn

What desire is and what desire isn't - There are some major misconceptions about what desire is, and how it works. In this module, you'll begin to debunk some deeply held beliefs and societal myths most people believe about desire.

Unpacking your hand-me-down beliefs - You probably learned what you know about sex and desire as a kid from your family, community, or religious upbringing. We'll teach you how to hold onto the beliefs that matter, then let go and transform the beliefs that are holding you back from the relationship you want.

Different kinds of desire - Most people don't know there are different kinds of desire. We'll teach you what they are, how they work, and how to choose to feel desire instead of waiting for it to choose you.

The gas and the breaks - We all have turn-ons and turn-offs. But most of us don't truly understand how they play into our ability to enjoy sex, or cultivate desire. Once you get this concept, it changes EVERYTHING!

Whether you're a newlywed or someone who's been married for decades, understanding how desire works and how to cultivate it in your marriage will 100% transform your sex life in THE BEST WAY!

Don't miss out on your chance to make good sex great, or transform your lack of desire into a sex life you can make your own and really, honestly be proud of.

This course is for you if...

  • You feel like the desire in your marriage might be fading and you wonder if it will ever come back.
  • You believe desire is something that should happen to you, and if it doesn't, it means you're broken.
  • You've lost your desire for sex after having a baby, you feel powerless to change it.
  • You believe having sex is emotionally or physically painful, and that you have to just live with it.
  • You don't enjoy sex and never really have... maybe your body just isn't built to experience pleasure.
  • Your partner, your religion, your culture, and your family have determined what sex means to you, and how you're allowed to experience pleasure... and you're ready to make the decisions.
  • You're single (or in a relationship) and you want to to understand the fundamentals of cultivating a passionate, fulfilling sexual relationship where you desire and feel desired by your partner.

Your Instructor

Nate Bagley
Nate Bagley

Nate Bagley is a relationship researcher, speaker, writer, and podcaster. He has devoted his life to ridding the world of mediocre love. If you want an extraordinary relationship, you're in the right place.

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