Turning Conflict Into Connection

Lean to deal with conflict so you become a marriage master and not a disaster.

Conflict in any romantic relationship is inevitable.

But... what most people don't know is that how you handle conflict when it shows up will determine whether or not your relationship succeeds or fails.

Couples who stay together and have a rich and fulfilling relationship that's full of life and passion - they have mastered the skills we're going to cover in this challenge.

Couples who are resentful, walking on eggshells, and constantly feeling like they can't do anything right are the couples who failed to learn these tools for dealing with conflict.

Research shows that eventually... most of these couples get divorced. (Or worse, they stay together.)

Marriage researcher, Dr. John Gottman has notoriously been able to predict whether or not a couple will get divorced with over 90% accuracy just by watching them argue for a few minutes. That's how important this stuff is!

This week our goal is to equip you with the skills to be a master of turning conflict into connection so your marriage doesn't ever become a disaster.


Every day of this 7-day challenge is designed to help you overcome barriers, and cultivate the proper mindset to have a five-star, rock-solid marriage. You can participate in each lesson by watching it as a video, listening to it like a podcast, or reading it.

The lessons average less than 10 minutes, and are focused on helping you implement the science-based changes you need to make to get the most enjoyment out of your marriage.

Doing > Learning

That's right! This challenge isn't about cramming your brain full of information. We learned a long time ago that chasing new relationship insights doesn't get anyone results.

This is the reason relationship books, workshops, and marriage therapy fail SO many couples!

To get results, you have to take action...

So, for the next week, we want you to put 90% of time and attention into DOING the stuff that makes your marriage amazing.

Action takers get awesome, tangible results.

Insight chasers get... well... they get a warm fuzzy feeling, and that's about it.


This challenge is for you if...

Having a marriage full of connection, communication, and compassion matters to you!

Nobody gets married with the goal of one day walking on eggshells, sleeping in different beds, having the same arguments over and over, and feeling like they can't do anything right.

They hope for want deep, lasting connection and trust. An abiding friendship, lasting passion, and the ability to overcome any obstacle.

So, if you're in a position where:

✓ Your partner shuts down when you have disagreements
✓ You're always getting defensive when your partner brings up an issue
✓ You and your partner raise your voices or name-call when you feel threatened
✓ It takes you ages to recover after a disagreement
✓ You constantly feel attacked or not-good-enough
✓ The ratio of negativity to positivity in your relationship is too low
✓ You don't know what to do when your partner gets overwhelmed
You feel like you're always losing control of your emotions

Or if you just want to avoid ever having any of these problems...

Then this challenge is for you!


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Your Instructor

Nate Bagley
Nate Bagley

Nate Bagley is a relationship researcher, speaker, writer, and podcaster. He has devoted his life to ridding the world of mediocre love. If you want an extraordinary relationship, you're in the right place.

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