Fun & Playfulness Challenge

Take your marriage from boring, stressed, and stuck to fun, exciting, and relaxed in just 7 days!

"I feel like we're glorified roommates... we've just grown apart."

I can't tell you how often we hear people say this.

They say, "This is just what happens when the honeymoon phase wears off. The chemistry fades. Things just get stressful/busy/boring."

Have you heard people say this exact thing?

Have you said it, or are you nervous you'll say it one day?

The truth is that your marriage doesn't have to become boring, too busy, or passionless. It can be fun, playful, and flirtatious decades after you say, "I do".


But don't you worry, in the next 7 days we're going to teach you how to never get stuck in a marriage that feels constantly dull, tiresome, and draining.


Every day of this 7-day challenge is designed to help you overcome barriers, and cultivate the proper mindset to have a five-star, rock-solid marriage. You can participate in each module by watching a video, listening to it like a podcast, or reading it. The modules average less than 10 minutes, and are focused on helping you implement the science-based changes you need to make to get the most enjoyment out of your marriage.

Here's what we'll be going over during this 7-day challenge:

On Monday we'll set your goal for the week (remember, these challenges focus on doing, not just learning), provide you with a list of 200+ ways you can introduce some novelty, adventure, and playfulness into your marriage, and we'll introduce you to the principles of Clarity and Context.

On Tuesday you'll be introduced to the most common ways couples sabotage their marriages, and make them boring, disconnected, and tiring. You'll get a chance to identify which "Fun Killers" you're most susceptible to, and start making a plan to fortify your relationship against your weaknesses.

Wednesday is all about getting intentional with your downtime. When you don’t prioritize spending time together, it’s easy for the demands of work, raising kids, hobbies, friends, chores, yard work, running errands, and other busyness to overrun your calendar.

Thursday is all about cultivating adventure in your relationship. We'll talk about risk-taking, and stepping outside your comfort zone. Being intentional about creating adventure in your marriage is a great way to create tons of fantastic memories, and is wonderful way to bond.

On Friday teach you how to develop the mindset of playfulness. After this module you should be able to turn any situation - even the most dull or stressful - into an opportunity for connection and playfulness. This tip will be the starting point of countless future memories.

Entitlement kills enjoyment. A sense of satisfaction, wonder and pleasure comes from feeling undeserving of the wonderful life you’re living. When you focus on creating an attitude of gratitude in your relationship, you’ll create opportunities to celebrate regardless of whether your attempts at playfulness are successful or not.

Over the last 6 days, you will have gained some powerful insights about your capacity to create fun and playfulness in your life. This new information is more likely to stick and get implemented if you teach what you’ve learned to people you love. On Sunday, you’ll teach someone you love and trust what you’ve learned.


This challenge is for you if...

Having a fun and playful marriage matters!

Having fun is obviously not the ONLY reason we get married... but research shows it’s a vital part of staying connected to the person you love! Dr. John Gottman (the most influential marriage researcher in the world) says:

So, if you feel like:

✓ You've grown out of the honeymoon phase and things just don't feel exciting anymore
✓ Your once-perfect partner has flaws that are really grating on your nerves
✓ You're so bogged down with work commitments, financial obligations, keeping the house clean and the lawn mowed that you've given up the things that have always made you happy
✓ Your kisses have become a little less passionate, your date nights a little less frequent,
✓ The monotony of routine has eaten away at the spontaneity that used to be a big part of life
✓ You're too stressed to do anything fun

Then this challenge is for you!


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Nate Bagley
Nate Bagley

Nate Bagley is a relationship researcher, speaker, writer, and podcaster. He has devoted his life to ridding the world of mediocre love. If you want an extraordinary relationship, you're in the right place.

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